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PARIS : At a little earlier 6 am, a great Air flow Portugal airplane that will kutumpangi associated with Singapore eventually ended up at London Charles de Gaulle International airport. at the least 12 several hours around the airplane far too ngebetein ga since I could enjoy some motion pictures along with play video game titles interspersed along with. the good news is when i ga relapse associated with diarrhea around the airplane, whilst with regard to 4 several hours transit at Changi, nearly all hour My partner and i had been back and forth towards commode.

off of the airplane, My partner and i and also other passengers had to queue for the immigration counter 1st. The duration of the queue with regard to whim myself, this means many people exactly who located London ya. exactly who appear macem : macem foundation, there exists the face area associated with Oriental, Caucasian faces, as well as the faces associated with Africa had not been little.

PARIS, My partner and i had been selected because of the staff members with the Embassy, with regard to future transfer towards Holiday Inn inn in the region associated with ​​Auteuil. I prefer dejavu as soon as leaving the airport terminal towards inn, My partner and i believed the identical surroundings before transfer towards staff members with the Consulate Basic Frankfurt Bonn, even though it is also winter months, as soon as it turned out nevertheless darker at 7 am, and this My partner and i temenin similarly, there Selly Mrs. along with Mr. Jesse Tambunan.

Because with Sunday, the road in the airport terminal towards Area associated with London is very empty, ga nyampe hour shuttle service autos My partner and i 've found Auteuil region, nonetheless it is effortless ga nemuin Holiday Inn inn located in bum out over Gudin. Even though Embassy staff members exactly who ngantar all of us 've were living thirty decades throughout London, nevertheless authored stray almost everywhere... the good news is there were a new populace associated with rome which usually baek is wishing for nunjukin spot that any of us tend to be going... fiuhhh....

PARIS : It turns out the inn Holiday motel ga huge when i dreamed, My partner and i 've nominated ya segede inn Lodge Sari Pot Off-shore Jakarta, hehehehe... but the room charge is designed for whim, it appears more expensive than Chic accommodations throughout Jakarta, think about aja possess to cover overnight 120 euros (about 1. 7 thousand bucks ), whilst normal trimmings authored, perhaps the price of breakfast had not been signed. when mo breakfast have to include 15 euros all over again. Capee deh. for almost any web connection cost-free ga, when mo employ wi-fi internet for the few days aja have to spend 88 euros... wakss... the good news is my personal flight along with overnight accommodation fees whilst in London, the Eu Commission rate can be totally included through OCEAN : WESTERN EUROPEAN : INTERNET, when ga... hmm go back to Indonesia could be a bad faqir... hihihihi

I could room around the 6 bottom, the Eiffel Tower in the deck with the room is visible plainly, hmm outside of fascination, My partner and i wrap up along with Jesse along with bu Selly made a decision to take off the pavement associated with London until finally tuh achieved while using Eiffel Tower. Many of us strolled towards n . along the Opportunity de Versailles, around the right area with the street we have a regular market place, macem : macem products, starting from sea food, meat, veggies, fruits, plants, clothes, etc... anyway really full, the item looks like ya cuman market place start right now doang Sunday. Coming from there all of us turn to the right after which it along the finance institutions with the riv Seine through Quai Louis. Sein Lake Watch bo no less stunning, sadly the pavement associated with London looked like unclean along with gathered actually leaves fall in the trees planned and planted neatly around the remaining area with the street. Special for the day at the Eiffel, along the street, autos parked parallel with a pretty limited array, perhaps less to ensure the bumper getting. Also, weighed against the Bonn or even Frankfurt, you might say a new pedestrian throughout London less adherent along with visitors indicate lamps, satisfied authored to cross if your lighting nevertheless crimson cross signifies not period nevertheless...

state-of-the-art emergeny room euy, in the heart of the riv, right privately with the Place de Grenelle fill, we have a small Bronze sculpture associated with Freedom, hehehehe... very similar in space cuman ga sono huge while that will in america, improve towards n . all over again around the remaining there bengunan therefore huge, it turns out the constructing Maison Airwaves Portugal. via here My partner and i menyusurin huge means Opportunity du Pt Kennedy after which it cross the fill over the riv Seine Place de Bir : Hakeem. on this fill, the Eiffel Tower may by now make sure along with intact, well approximately two hundred meter range all over again dehh.. all of us speed up the rate, could hardly hold out to taste found the tower that's the symbol associated with London.

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