Jumat, 25 April 2014

meandering ITALY

           Arrived in Rome on calendar .. take .. celingak celinguk baggage to the taxi rank . There nawarin wholesale for 8 individuals ( we ran with Kasra family comprises of 4 individuals .. so bisalah this offer , settled value 70 euro ) .. Early introduction : gileee Ajah . At last we chose to take a taxi to utilize the meter. landed at the inn we hit 45 euro and 50 euro hit kasra family ... huehuehue less expensive mass appears to be prior . Lesson of the story : please figure out where his lodging and how to get there as affordably as could reasonably be expected ( = read : riding the metro ) . Until the inn at 9 am .. Keith permitted in the room obviously , however be depended sack . So we chose to discover breakfast and a walk first. We stayed at Via Torino ( by means of = way ) and deket with Metro Republica .

Having fulfilled the photographs ... Mr. Kasra propose to the Trevi Fountain .. he was the most acclaimed wellspring in Rome . When we take a gander at the guide .. it turns out we 're really a long way from the metro station ... great course or in the heading stasiuin Republica Trevi station ... we be strolling again .. further . Until there is full exceptionally same individuals .. normal .. to flip a coin - throw . Because of well past the lunch hour ... after the photos we entered into a pizzaria ... surely margarita and fish , protected from pork .

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