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Travel to Germany

Travel to Germany

           impression after traveling to Germany to this day is very unusual . Starting from the many donations the students Prana is relentless, finally we decided to go to Germany , although the four of us did not understand the German language , only armed with a strong belief and self-realization , that everything has been arranged by God . So pasrahkan only Him . The journey started from Ngurah Rai Airport and then transit in Bangkok . During the 4 hour trip Bangkok - Denpasar , we were treated to a typical Thai food is very flavorful Indonesia , it's just way more varied pengolahanya . And wherever possible we keep eating fish and fruits . Transit in Bangkok , we did check -in , then a walk around the building Swarna Bhumi Bangkok airport . In Thailand , the use of complex language and literacy are often found in the whole place . Similar to the Pallava letters known in Indonesia .

Then we continued our journey to Frankfurt which takes approximately 13 hours . During that time we certainly have not been aware of the huge time difference . We thought , when I wake up is in their homes . When he saw the morning , we got up . 5:30 o'clock local time , while in Indonesia is about 22 hours a night . Arrive in Frankfurt at 6:00 local time . The temperature outside was cold . With a striking difference in time , maybe we 're in the process of adjustment due to jet lag .

It has not lost a sense of shock , when he got in Frankfurt , we immediately picked up by Indonesian citizens who happen to come from Bali , who has lived 18 years in Germany . So she who took care of all our needs while in Germany .

He is Gungtu , friend of Mother -in-law Ning , who was married to a German. So the four of us over in Germany , lived in the house Gungtu , which is located at Haster Weg no. 36 , Hannover , Germany .

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